Paper production

The production of the Saul Sadoch S.p.a. Rex Group

Saul Sadoch S.p.a. Rex Prodotti Cartotecnici has been producing in Italy since 1914.

Almost all the products in the catalogue are produced in Italy by different companies of the group that have been able to innovate and progress on the market over the years.

Coming from an ultra-centennial tradition of producers, the different generations of the Sadoch family have always given great importance to maintaining production in Italy, facing several difficulties coming from the market has tried, more and more, to replace the consumption of Italian products by imported ones.

This challenge imposed by the market has highlighted the strong commitment and passion of employees and collaborators, allowing the Company to increasingly become a reference point for Italian production.

The new generations follow the long entrepreneurial tradition of the company, investing daily in optimization, quality improvement and greater customer service.

As a demonstration of the attention that has always been given to the environment, since 2007 the Company has invested in the self-production of electricity through the installation, over the years, of 6 renewable energy photovoltaic systems that develop a power of over 1 MW.

Thanks to these renewable energy photovoltaic systems approximately 108% of the energy consumed by the Trieste establishment is self-produced in the months of best efficiency of the systems.


The Production of the Gift Wrap

The production of the wrapping paper takes place starting from the choice of the design by internal or external designers, with particular attention to both fashion trends and the maintenance of classic designs, in order to satisfy our European and worldwide customers. Once the design has been chosen, the cylinders are engraved with an innovative and modern laser technology and then placedon our printing machines. The paper is then printed from reel to reel with Rotogravure technology: this printing mode allows to maintain high quality standards, especially in the case of high-volume prints, since the cylinders, in chromed copper, maintain the engravings over time.

After printing on various types of paper support and in reels of various heights, the printed paper is transformed according to customer needs: in flat or folded sheets, in consumer solls or in counter rolls.

The strong production capacity of the Company allows to process orders of large quantities in a short time in order to satisfy any needs. We systematically renew our printing and packaging machines, investing year after year in production and innovating periodically.

In recent years, the printing and packaging of gift paper has seen an increase in the consumption of recycled paper, a sign that confirms the trend of consumers to pay more and more attention to safeguarding the planet.

The Production of Paper Bags

The production of paper bags with twisted paper handles respects the highest quality standards. As for the other production departments, also the production of paper bags is constantly updated and important investments are allocated annually to be able to update the printing machines, packaging machines and the warehouses of raw materials and finished products.

We have goods ready in stock, and we create customized product according on customer needs. The entire production chain, from raw material to the finished product, involves rigorous quality tests before the products are placed on the market in order to guarantee an excellent quality standard for our customers.

The production of paper bags also starts from white or brown paper, moving on to the choice of design by our graphic designers and then reaching printing with Flexographic and Roto-offset technology, up to packaging thanks to the multiple machines and relative shipment: only in this way can we guarantee the product to our consumers.

The Production of napkins

The napkins department has multiple machines capable of printing customers' logos, also using 4.0 technology.

Napkin manufacturing excels at printing custom branding, but is equally competitive in producing neutral products without printing.

Over the years, several important certifications have been recognized such as, for example, the compostable certificate, very important from an environmental point of view.

Important resources have been allocated over the years within the department, partly to optimize production and partly for the purchase of innovative machinery that has allowed the Company to be more effective on the market by offering above all a greater number of napkin formats.

The production of the napkin department, with a daily capacity of over 10 million pieces, is strictly controlled by our highly experienced employees in order to ensure the highest quality.

Napkins are produced starting from different types of paper from sustainable European paper mills, subsequently printed and packaged according to different needs.

The Production of tickets and parcels

Our over thirty years of experience in the production of greeting cards, tags and paper products in general allows us to present a very large and varied range of products every year. The production, using several machines die-cutting, offset and hot printing machines and packaging machines, is highly flexible and able to answer to any particular reqyests about special packaging. This characteristic has allowed us, over the years, to become the reference point in the Italian production of these products.

The precious hot stamping has been optimized and qualitatively perfected over the years so as to be able to excel compared to normal offset prints, so much so as not to detect a marked difference in price between the two types of printing but delivering products of ever higher quality to our customers.

In accordance to the cCmpany's strong focus on the environment, since 2021 the use of plastics in product packaging has been limited as much as possible thanks to the passage of packaging from acetate boxes to recycled PET boxes.

The production of take away and take away products

For over 10 years the company has dedicated part of its production to Take Away products such as bags with wide bottom, bags with gussets and suitable for contact with food. We have various products suitable for contact with food and designed for the take-away of drinks and food.